SmartOS Hosting

Lightweight Solaris based Zones powered with ZFS filesystem for UNIX enthusiasts. Yes, geeks like you!
Pick your node, not your nose.

SmartOS Nodes

Low overhead hypervisors plus ZFS delegation. Bare metal speeds.

Developer API

Nodes configurable with an API that developers love.

No Bloatware

Base container nodes utilizes just 20MB of total memory

Take control of your hosting with our powerful virtual private servers running on SmartOS, a Solaris derivative. Our tech-savvy team will support you every step of the way to ensure a seamless, high-performance experience.


100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee
Yearly Plan Save 40%
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  • /64 IPv6 dedicated block
  • IPv4 included
  • 12 month term
  • SmartOS or LX
Monthly Plan
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  • /64 IPv6 dedicated block
  • IPv4 included
  • 1 month term
  • SmartOS or LX

The Fine Print

  • California (US) based servers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, full refund within first month of service
  • Hardware resources allocated on shared server
  • SmartOS based VPS servers with native ZFS delegation